Work Life Balance For Professionals
Maryam HabibKhalid Hussain

Work Life Balance For Professionals

Fee - PKR 12,000/Course
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The course is designed to learn to create and maintain supportive and healthy environment, enabling individuals to have balance between work and personal responsibilities, thus strengthening loyalty and productivity ● What is work-Life Balance ● Causes of Imbalance ● Significance of Work-Life Balance ● Global Perspective of Work-Life Balance ● Improving Work-Life Balance

Instructor - Miss Maryam

Maryam is a dynamic, highly skilled and progressive learning & development professional and management consultant with extensive experience in the public sector, vocational education and training, of higher education & the corporate sector. Maryam has exceptional facilitation, communication and management skills; and over 20 years experience in adult learning, organizational training and people development. She is highly innovative and creative with a focus on the possibilities that lie ahead for organizations and their people. She has served in different International school systems, public and private universities exhibiting her phenomenal administrative and teaching skills. She has made a distinctive contribution to modernizing and revitalizing the existing educational system and had been awarded for Best Development Plans and Quality Assurance in institutions where she has served. Her diverse experience of trainings ranges from different public, private corporations to National, international NGO's, banks, educational institutions, telecommunications companies and renowned food chains.